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The Co-Curricular Record Program

Sheridan students can continue to pursue their learning and professional development outside of the classroom by participating in Co-Curricular Record (CCR) activities.

Activities listed in the CCR’s Opportunities Directory provide students with meaningful learning opportunities that foster personal growth and professional development. The CCR’s activity leaders are committed to supporting students as they strive to achieve their targeted learning goals.

Students can request to add a CCR activity to their CCR record once they have completed the activity’s minimum number of participation hours; the activity’s participation hours are reflective of the time required to develop the potential learning associated with the activity.

The CCR program is not retroactive; student requests to add an activity to their CCR record can only be made within the academic year that their participation in the activity took place. The CCR’s academic year begins the first day of the fall semester in September and ends the last day of the spring/summer semester in August.

Note: There are two views of the Sheridan CCR website, the student view and the public view

Both the student view and the public view of the Sheridan CCR website contains the same content. However, the student view of the website has the [My Record] tab which allows students to create and print their CCR record.

A link to the public view of Sheridan’s CCR website can also be found by visiting Sheridan’s homepage:
• Select [Life at Sheridan], then [Student Services], then [Career Centre]